Eagle Scouts

Information For Life Scouts Who Aspire To Become Eagle Scouts

1.  The life scout contacts our Scoutmaster and ideally has done research on potential projects and/or contacted potential beneficiaries (organizations not related to Scouts BSA).

2.  The life scout is then assigned a Troop mentor to help further vet Eagle Project execution and coach the scout on presentation of the Eagle Project proposal.  We have several experienced leaders who currently sit on Eagle Board of Reviews who help in this process.

3.  Steps 1 and 2 are important so that we avoid further homework and/or rejection by the District Eagle Advancement Team, usually because the application/proposal is incomplete or the scout is not completely prepared.

4.  The Scout should have obtained the current Eagle Application/Project forms from the Pacifica District Website.  The most important form is the "Eagle Scout Processing Checklist" from the "Life to Eagle" section of the OCBSA website linked from the Pacifica District Website.

Pacifica District Eagle Info - Click Here

5.  The scout, after getting input from the Troop Eagle Mentor, and with the Scoutmaster's approval, presents his project proposal to the Troop Committee - at a parent meeting.  This is also valuable in brainstorming for potential solutions and problems and also lets the Troop know what projects are contemplated for Troop support.

6.  Once the scout has the necessary signatures at the Troop level and with the signature of the project beneficiary, the scout contacts the Pacifica District Eagle Project Coordinator, and will be assigned a District Eagle Project mentor. 

7.  Only after the District Eagle Project coordinator signs the project proposal (after the project beneficiary, Scoutmaster and Committee Chair), then the scout may begin work on their Eagle Project.

8.  The application for Eagle Rank is another form that needs to be prepared by the scout with the assistance of the Advancement Chair.  This form also requires the signatures of the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair.  It is important that the scout has all of their blue cards organized.  When their is a discrepancy between Troopmaster records and the blue card, the blue card is the controlling authority.

For Advancement resources on BSA's Website, including links to the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and the Eagle Scout Rank Advancement

BSA Resources - Click Here

Troop 558 is very proud to have 

over 100 Eagle Scouts!