Joining Troop 558

This page is intended to be a reference for anyone interested in joining our troop.


The Scouts BSA (formerly the Boy Scouts of America) have now moved to a full online application. Please follow this link to join:

They will also charge you $180 which will cover National Scout BSA fees and Orange County Council fees for the next 12 months.

Health Form

Along with troop dues, we require completed Scouts BSA health forms to be on file with us every year. You must submit two signed copies of Part A, Part B1 and B2 of this health form with the troop dues. 

Troop Code of Conduct

This is a link to our troop code of conduct. It must be signed by all scouts and parents at the time they join.

Troop Dues

The troop normally charges $230 for a new scout (above and beyond the council and national dues that get paid when the online application is submitted.) This includes a troop t-shirt, neckerchief, hat, and canvas duffle bag embroidered with your scout's name. (The duffle bag is used to carry the scout's gear on campouts.) Troop dues can be paid by cash or check made out to "Troop 558." 

Troop Meetings

Troop meetings are held regularly on Mondays at 7PM at Redeemer Lutheran Church located on Springdale just north of Heil and are organized and run by the Senior Patrol Leader and the Patrol Leaders Council. The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters are there at 6:30PM to give the boys the opportunity to meet with them for scoutmaster conferences and also to get requirements signed off. Since COVID, our troop meetings are held in the parking lot and indoors if the weather is not favorable. Boys should wear Class A uniform and troop meetings normally finish by 8:15PM.

Troop Calendar

The troop maintains a Google Calendar. It can be found on our website at

Troop Google Group

We use Google Groups to send out email announcements to the members of the troop and it is our primary method for disseminating information about upcoming troop events. New members' email addresses will be added to the Google Group once their application is processed.

Youth Protection Training

The troop requires all parents to take Youth Protection Training (YPT) at least every two years. The training is free and done online. When you join online, you will need to create an account on, which is the same website you also take YPT. It takes a little less than an hour to complete, but it can be broken up into multiple sessions if you don't have time to complete it in one session. When completed, please print out or email Dave Parks the certificate of completion. To get started, just click the YPT logo from within

Scouts BSA Uniform

You can purchase the uniform at the Scout Shop, there is one in Santa Ana.  The address and store hours can be found here. Please purchase a uniform shirt, belt, and socks. You also need to have green epaulets, Orange County Council strip and troop numbers. (The numbers should be the green with the khaki background). You can also purchase scout pants/shorts, or buy the REI or Columbia green pants. The council strip and troop numbers should be sewn on the left sleeve. This book gives the placement of all insignia. 

Scout Handbook

All scouts are required to have their own copy of the Scout Handbook, and to bring it to troop meetings. The book is also purchased at the Scout Shop as well. There are both book and spiral bound versions. We recommend the spiral bound version, and the zip up book cover to protect it. (Their advancements are tracked in the back of the book, so it is important that the book be kept safe.)

Parent Meetings

Parent meetings are held during the troop meeting the Monday before campouts as well as on an as needed basis throughout the year.

Troop Leadership

Scoutmaster - Tait Skifstrom,

Committee Chairman - Dave Parks,