Volunteer Positions

Your Son Needs You!

The Boy Scouts is a volunteer organization, and the quality of your son’s experience in Troop 558 depends on parents like you, pitching in to make a difference. If we all do our part, the load is more evenly spread and our sons benefit from the variety and abundance of the adult involvement.

If there is something specific you would like to do, please contact one of the adult leaders as soon as possible. There are always a number of volunteer opportunities you can choose from. Please be generous with your time when contacted by an adult troop leader looking for assistance.

Here are a list of areas you can help us:

  • Driver: Help drive the scouts to their various activities and outings.

  • Activity Coordinator: Assist PLC in planning various outings such as day hikes, camping trips and etc.

  • Service Project Assistant: Assist in troop service projects such as helping with volunteer sign in and sign out or being
    drivers for community directory deliveries, food drive, senior citizen visits, etc.

  • Uniformed Adult Leader: We have continual turn over in the troop and Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) positions as Scouts “graduate” from the troop and their parents move on with them. Help provide a new perspective and leadership for the Scouts.

  • Committee Member: The troop Committee helps to plan, organize, and coordinate the overall running of the troop.

  • Merit Badge Counselor: If you have a hobby, profession, or special skill that lends itself to merit badge instruction, help the Scouts earn their advancement badges.

Below is a link to view a list of our current wonderful volunteers:

Click Here to View A List Of Our Volunteers

Please Note: In efforts to protect our Troop's privacy, you must have permission from our webmaster to view the List Of Our Volunteers, if you are not able to view this link, please e-mail our Webmaster with your e-mail address & scout's name and you will receive permission to view the Directory. To e-mail Webmaster CLICK HERE.